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Teeth Whitening in Red Deer

Many factors contribute to tooth discolouration, but sometimes good oral hygiene still leaves room for improvement. So many things can stain teeth – coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and even certain medications. As many as 86% of Canadians want whiter teether. Village Mall Dental has in-office and at-home solutions to help you achieve your brightest smile.


Zoom whitening is applied in office by a dentist or oral hygienist. A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied directly to the teeth, and then a Zoom light is shone on the gel. The light and the gel work together to brighten teeth in a short time period. While Zoom whitening is the most effective, it is also a stronger solution which can be unbearable for patients who struggle with tooth sensitivity. In these cases, some dentists will recommend a store-bought whitener first, then at-home treatment, and finally, working your way up to Zoom whitening.

Take Home

At-home whitening kits are custom prepared. A peroxide gel solution is sent home with whitening trays. Because dentists can control the amount of peroxide used in the gel solutions, they can tailor your treatment to accommodate oral sensitivities. The gel is put into a whitening tray that fits much like a mouthguard. You’ll wear the whitening tray for about an hour each day for seven to ten days.

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