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Teeth Extractions in Red Deer

There are many reasons a tooth may need an extraction. In cases where there is irreparable damage to a tooth, it may need to be removed to facilitate other treatments or to prevent further damage from occurring. Wisdom teeth, for example, often need to be removed to prevent other problems.

Tooth Removal Process

First, a local or general anesthetic is provided. Once the area is numb, the dentist will make an incision to expose the tooth and bone, and then the tooth and root will be removed. Once the tooth is removed, the extraction site is cleaned thoroughly and stitched if needed. Sometimes the tooth will need to be broken into pieces to be removed properly.

Aftercare Steps

After teeth removal, there are many things you can do to promote healing and manage pain. Plan to rest for 24 hours following any extractions. Do not rinse, spit, or use a straw within 24 hours, as this may dislodge any blood clots that form and are necessary for healing. A salt water rinse is recommended after the first 24 hours to help prevent infection. Pain medication can be used as needed. It is also recommended to abstain from using any tobacco products for a few days.

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