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Root Canals

Root Canals in Red Deer

When your roots are infected, a root canal is a good option to preserve your natural tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to the surrounding teeth. The treatment involves removing the infected tissue, filling in those spaces, and sealing the tooth. Usually, this means that the natural tooth can be saved and tooth alignment preserved, keeping your smile looking it’s natural best.

When Root Canals are Used

Typical indications that a root canal may be needed include tooth pain, sensitivity to temperature, or pain in the gums. These symptoms indicate a problem with the pulp of a tooth – the ‘inside’ of your tooth, containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. The pulp can become infected or inflamed, requiring treatment. When possible, a root canal prevents having to extract the tooth entirely.

How Root Canals Work

Before your root canal procedure, your dentist will take digital images to determine exactly where the problem is. A local anesthetic will be used for the procedure to help keep you as comfortable as possible. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will proceed to remove the infected tissue, pulp, and nerve tissues from inside the tooth. Afterwards, the space will be cleaned thoroughly. Depending on the level of tooth decay, you may require other restorative work following your root canal.

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